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The soul of a coffee comes from the land it’s grown on...
And the soul of the land come from its people

« Sharetrade »

In addition to offering the best Specialty coffee on the market, Café éveil is actively involved in coffee-producing communities in Guatemala. Café éveil is more than fair trade: it is sharing and caring about long-term partnerships. We have reinvented the value chain by investing 100% of the profits in the sustainability of local Guatemalan communities.

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Producing quality and sustainability
Investing responsibly in community projects
A fulfilled, autonomous community
Producing quality and sustainability

Unique & Single Origin

Explore our Specialty coffee made of superior beans from a single source that provides distinct rustic accents. We roast our coffees in micro-batches with state-of-the-art equipment, following a slow, uniform, in-depth roasting process that preserves the richness of the aromas. Café éveil is without a doubt the best single-origin coffee you’ll find from Guatemala.

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Investing responsibly in community projects

Investing in the next generation

Café éveil pours 100% of its profits back into schooling projects for the children in the community of Santa Rosa. We believe that education will increase the longevity and prosperity of these communities.

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A fulfilled, autonomous community

Our partners

The Santa Rosa community in Guatemala partners with Café éveil to combat malnutrition and inequality in order to improve the educational upbringing of the children in the region.

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A human approach

After successful careers, aware of our good fortune, we decided it was time to share. As Specialty coffee and travel lovers, we hope that, through Café éveil, we can offer a better life to the children and families of Guatemala, by partnering with the community leaders.

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Cascara Geisha, the Healthy Infusion Alternative!

Cascara comes from the fruit of the coffee plant and creates a tasty extra-healthy infusion, thanks to its rich antioxidants.

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Striving to go beyond fairtrade, discover « Sharetrade »

Café éveil creates a much fairer value chain, called « Sharetrade », in which all the players are involved.

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Helping children / Child education

Helping children in Guatemala with Café éveil

Support our education project in Guatemala and help children from the villages where our coffee comes from.

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