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Café éveil, an exceptional single-origin Specialty coffee

The craze for so-called third-wave coffee continues to grow. Some 255 pounds of coffee per second are consumed in the world whereas Canadians average nearly 6 kilograms of coffee per capita per year. From traditional coffee to Specialty coffee, available in different flavours and quality, it is difficult to make a selection. In recent years, the Specialty coffee has carved out a place in the market that has won the hearts and taste-buds of high-end coffee lovers. Café éveil offers a Specialty coffee from a single origin which is ranked among the best high-end third-wave coffees. So, why is our unique single-origin coffee one of the best the world?

Café éveil’s specialty: revealing the aromas of the land of origin!

Café éveil offers a selection of four exceptional coffees. The beans come from a specific area of land located in the mountains of the Sierra de las Minas region in Guatemala. The main varieties of our coffees are: Pache (a natural cross with Typica) and Marsellesa (Villa Sarchí crossed with Catimore), both acknowledged for their sweet, velvety and complex aromas. These 100% Guatemalan Arabica beans are micro-roasted in the region of Gatineau, Quebec, using a soft, thorough process that exalts the flavours without creating any bitterness. Ageing and roasting are two crucial steps in the production of coffee, steps which assure the preservation of the coffee aromas.

To produce a blond coffee, the roasting process is shorter, while for a more full-bodied, dark coffee, the bean must be roasted longer. Due to the selection of Guatemala’s best coffee beans and the expertise of our micro-roaster, we offer one of the best Specialty coffees in the world.

Bold Awakening

Bold Awakening,
invigorating espresso coffee

Espresso coffee | dark
Dark bean, soft and long roasting
Balanced acidity, warm and round notes of red berries and sweet pears

Awakening of Senses

Awakening of Senses,
entrancing dark coffee

Dark coffee | Full-bodied
Soft and longer roasting
No bitterness, an intense taste with notes of dark cocoa and blueberries

Suave Awakening

Suave Awakening,
charming brown coffee

Brown coffee | Balanced
Brown beans, soft and shorter roasting
Balanced acidity, notes of red berries and almond nougat

Mellow Awakening

Mellow Awakening,
pleasant blond coffee

Blond coffee | Velvety
Blond beans, light roasting
Naturally sweet, subtle notes of floral bouquet, candied pears

Guatemala, an exceptional producer of the best Specialty coffee in the world

Café éveil’s team visited several coffee producers and concluded without hesitation a partnership with Teodoro Enrique Engelhardt Ortega, who cultivates plants on a tropical-type land at 1,500 metres above sea level and under natural shade. From the mountains of the Sierra de las Minas, Teodoro offers one of the most interesting “terroirs” in the world.

The choice of Guatemala was also motivated by humanitarian reasons. The country has an extremely low literacy rate, and some 50% of children suffer from malnutrition, while gender inequality remains firmly entrenched. For these reasons, Café éveil manifested its full commitment to Guatemala by pouring 100% of its profits back into the community of Santa Rosa. That is what « Sharetrade » is all about.

What is third-wave coffee?

Third-wave coffee first appeared in the early 2000s, with the arrival of a Specialty coffee from a single origin with beans roasted in micro batches. The first wave occurred around the discovery of coffee and at the beginning of its consumption in Western countries. The second wave appeared in the 1970s, together with the boom in filter coffee and espresso coffee. The third wave offers a Specialty coffee that is roasted in small batches with state-of-the-art equipment, according to a slow, uniform and in-depth roasting process. Today, producing coffee has become a fine art like that of wine production. With different land types and a variety of roasting expertise, comes a wide range of price and quality. When choosing Café éveil, you are enjoying the taste of an exceptional “terroir” while contributing to the quality of life of the children in the community of Santa Rosa, Guatemala.

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