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Cascara Geisha, the Healthy Infusion Alternative!

What is Cascara, this brand new gourmet trend from the coffee industry? Is it coffee, herbal infusion, tea? Not exactly. Cascara comes from the fruit of the coffee plant and creates a tasty extra-healthy infusion, thanks to its rich antioxidants. Contrary to what you might think, the flavour is much closer to figs and ripe pears than to your morning coffee. The palate picks up a complex fruity taste resembling caramelized pears and chocolaty blueberries, depending on where the coffee cherries come from. Low in caffeine and sugar, this infusion is ideal for those who want a healthy alternative, promoting general well-being with exquisite flavours for the taste buds.

Where does Cascara come from?

Cascara is made up of the residual pulp and peel of coffee berries (also known as coffee cherries). This precious pulp, resulting from the washing and conditioning process to isolate the green coffee beans (which will become coffee once roasted), is thoroughly dried. Instead of finishing up in the compost pile, the residual matter of the coffee fruit is upcycled. It has been a secret well-kept by locals who have been drinking Cascara for several generations, but they have now shared their expertise and given us access to this valuable resource. Developing this “fruit tea” certainly contributes to the sustainability of the producing community, which is struggling to live off coffee cultivation. High-quality Cascara is, however, complex to produce and distribution is still very limited.

Café éveil’s version, Cascara Geisha is 100% GUATEMALAN.

The fruit pulp selected by our coffee grower Luis Pedro in Antigua, Guatemala, comes from Arabica Geisha coffee plants. This popular variety grows in high altitudes (between 1500 m and 2000 m) and delivers exceptional flavour.

However you like to brew it, our Cascara Geisha is delicious hot or cold. Simply steep for at least 10 minutes in water that has been boiled and cooled for 30 seconds (the temperature must be at 94 °C, just like tea and coffee). This technique preserves the complete spectrum of tastes imparted by the local soil.

Hot steeped cascara is a pure delight, even when cooled, and keeps very well in the refrigerator. The use of a Bodum (or French Press) coffee maker makes it easy to pour out the finished brew.

For a trendier version, try the cold brew experience: infuse berries in the desired amount of cold water in the refrigerator for 18 hours. Then remove the pieces of fruit pulp that, at this stage, have swollen to twice their original size. These can replace cranberries nicely in your recipes, bring a unique and refined touch to your sauces or serve as a base for your cocktail creations (alcoholic or not). For a refreshing drink ready to be savoured any time of day, the cold brewed preparation presents a very enjoyable option allowing you to explore another palette of refined tastes with a slightly floral bouquet!

The soul of our Cascara comes from
the land it’s grown on… And the soul of the land comes from its people

Café éveil Launches Cascara Geisha Under its « Sharetrade » Concept

Appreciating this product is also participating in the awakening of our coffee grower’s community. Café éveil’s promise is to collaborate with proud local growers to create the most exquisite « Sharetrade » Cascara infusion! Is this a fairtrade product? Well, it’s much more! « Sharetrade » represents a partnership model in which 100% of the profits are poured back into specific educational projects in our Guatemalan community.

Café éveil partners play a part all along our value chain and help make it much more responsible and generous for coffee growing communities.

Like our range of Specialty Coffees, Cascara Geisha comes from a direct trade and production technique that scrupulously respects the characteristics and tastes of the local land.

Cascara Geisha is finally available in major grocery stores!

Our independent partners from the IGA chain in the Gatineau, Laurentian and Montreal regions now offer our coffee berry infusion. We would like to draw attention to their outstanding commitment to our Specialty Coffee and Cascara products to support our exceptional cause.

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