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Helping children in Guatemala with Café éveil

At Café éveil, we are first and foremost social entrepreneurs. We made investing in and helping children in Guatemala our goal so that we could sustainably improve the fate of the families in the Santa Rosa community. Poverty and malnutrition still ravage this region of Central America. Therefore, with the support of our partners, we have implemented a child education project there, which has the full endorsement of local entities.

Our commitment: helping children and promoting equity in the community

Guatemala has the lowest literacy rate in the Americas aside from Haiti. Only a third of the country’s children (and 15% in Santa Rosa) continue their studies beyond primary school. After spending time with Guatemalan families, we realized how urgent it was to get fully involved in child education in the area. Our commitment is simple: to pour 100% of our profits back to communities that we have selected with care.

We invest in the next generation so that these communities can thrive and continue to live off their coffee culture. We are convinced it is through both child education and the emancipation of women that the life of the community will improve in a sustainable way.

Café éveil project for child education | Improvement objectives at Santa Rosa school

ObjectivesYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Children who repeat their first year30%25%20%16%12%10%
Children who continue their studies beyond primary school15%20%30%45%60%75%
Malnutrition rates at school50%45%40%30%20%10%

For children to make substantial progress in school, it is vital that they be properly fed. Many children in the region come to school on an empty stomach. Essentially, this means that helping children starts with ensuring their proper nutrition. Our educational program follows a holistic approach that includes mental health, health care, the emancipation of women and the improvement of on-site infrastructure.

The Café éveil child education project: completed and ongoing actions

Here’s a look at our tangible contributions to child education in Santa Rosa:

Aide aux enfants

Feeding children

  • Build a community kitchen attached to the school: 100% completed
  • Evaluate the malnutrition of children with anemia tests: 100% completed
  • Initiate a breakfast program to feed children at school, and make it also available to pregnant women and pre-school children: 100% completed

Enhancing reading

  • Turn a classroom into a library, including purchasing books: 100% completed
  • Hire a librarian-advisor who hosts reading: 50% completed
  • Train the teachers: 50% completed

Structuring schooling

  • Structure the education programs and establish positive discipline: 25% completed
  • Promote the pursuit of educational studies with parents and members of the community: 15% completed
  • Build a computer lab: 0% completed

Supporting and training the community

  • Offer social and psychological services to children and families in distress: 0% completed
  • Develop a more profitable market for producers of specialty coffee with « Sharetrade »: 100% completed
  • Encourage women’s entrepreneurship by involving mothers in our educational project to read to children, manage the community kitchen, distribute breakfast, and so on: 50% completed

Projet éducatif

We hope that the profits generated by the sale of our coffee would contribute to the cause substantially, nonetheless we will fund the project with our own capital if necessary. And we will maintain our commitment year after year.

– Jean-Guy Charon

Funding: 100% transparent!

Café éveil provides aid to children and the community. For our first year of operation, we funded the child education project with our own capital. Over the next few years, we hope to record profits with the sale of our Specialty coffee, then pour 100% of it into community projects in Guatemala.

Our priority is helping children while contributing to the emancipation of women in the community. We hope that the profits generated by the sale of our coffee would contribute to the cause substantially, nonetheless we will fund the project with our own capital if necessary. And we will maintain our commitment year after year. says Jean-Guy Charon.

Transparency is paramount to us and all our partners, including retailers. Here are the details of our investments and evidence of audits from our financial statements as witnessed by our retail partners:

  • Document budget et objectifs
  • Lettre des partenaires – conformité des états financiers

To support Café éveil’s actions, adopt one of our Speciality coffees and contribute to helping children and women in Guatemala.

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